The table below provides a summary of the Chancellor’s directive. Students are highly encouraged to review the Uniform Sanctioning in Response to COVID-19 Student Violations in its entirety. All sanctions established in this policy serve as the minimum. Sanctions shall be applied following the College’s Student Code of Conduct and if available and as subject to campus policy and process. The college has discretion to enact higher sanctions where merited.

A finding of responsibility and applied sanction of dismissal or suspension shall, consistent with SUNY policy, leave the student ineligible for refund of tuition, room, board, or fees, and the student will be responsible for all amounts owed.

Effective Spring 2021, the Office of Community Standards has adopted a new sanction – COVID-19 modified suspension. This sanction may be applied to students found responsible of violations of COVID-19-related policies where applicable. The new modified sanction will restrict student’s physical access to campus to ensure the health and safety of all community members, but will allow students to have continued access to their academic course load via remote courses only.

Pursuant to their continuous participation on campus, students understand that they need to comply with the college’s policies, safety protocols, and COVID-19 re-opening plan.

For information regarding visitors/guest in residential areas, please read the COVID-19 Housing Agreement.

Stay up to date with the college’s response to COVID-19 by regularly checking COVID-19: Latest Updates and Plans on our website.