The following actions will result in a disciplinary referral to the Office of Community Standards for disciplinary action under the Student Code of Conduct:

Failure to attend required weekly surveillance/pooled testing- Unvaccinated*, or not fully vaccinated, students are required to participate in surveillance testing weekly. Random community surveillance testing will occur during the semester regardless of vaccination status. Everyone is expected to comply.

Failure to comply with campus housing guest policy/ Prohibited gatherings-  All students must registered their guest(s) according to the Residential Guest Policy.  A guest is defined as any person visiting a residential space to which they are not officially assigned/designated as the resident of that space. Please keep in mind that you must consult with your roommates/suite-mates/apartment-mates and get their consent for your guest to visit your residential space before you can begin the guest registration process. While Purchase residents are currently permitted to have 2 guests in their residential space, residents are also responsible for ensuring that their room/suite/apartment never exceeds the maximum capacity for their space. Until further notice, registered parties are prohibited. Large gatherings in all residential facilities on campus are also currently prohibited. Large gatherings are defined as any residential space (e.g., room, suite, apartment, etc.) that has more than two guests per assigned resident of that space. 

Failure to Quarantine/Isolate – All students who test positive for COVID-19 must isolate according to College and Department of Health guidelines. Unvaccinated students who have been identified as having exposure to a person who is positive for COVID-19 must quarantine according to College and Department of Health guidelines. Students are required to follow the guidelines associated with the quarantine/isolation period as detailed by the appropriate College official (i.e. Health Services’ Staff, Quarantine/Isolation Coordinator, and/or College’s Contact Tracer). This includes but is not limited to following contact tracing efforts conducted by the College officials and/or the State or local Department of Health.

Failure to report COVID-19 Positive Test Result- Students who test positive for COVID-19 via a test provided outside the college’s weekly testing process are required to report the results to Health Services immediately.

**Failure to complete the Daily COVID Screening- All students who have a presence on campus (live, visit, study, etc.) are required to submit daily COVID screening responses. Failure to submit three (3) consecutive screenings will result in a referral to the Office of Community Standards for disciplinary action.

*** Failure to Comply with Mask/Face Covering Use- All students, regardless of vaccination status, must wear masks indoors, except when alone in their own room, office and/or studio. Unvaccinated* students are required to wear masks at all times, unless they are maintaining social distance in an outdoor location. 

Pursuant to their continuous participation on campus, students understand that they need to comply with the college’s policies, safety protocols, and COVID-19 re -opening plan.  All sanctions established in this policy serve as the minimum.  Sanctions shall be applied following the College’s Student Code of Conduct and if available and as subject to campus policy and process.  A finding of responsibility and applied sanction of dismissal or suspension shall, consistent with SUNY policy, leave the student ineligible for refund of tuition, room, board, or fees, and the student will be responsible for all amounts owed. 

Stay up to date with the college’s response to COVID-19 by regularly checking COVID-19: Latest Updates and Plans on our website.

* An individual is considered to be fully vaccinated 2 weeks after their one dose of J&J or their second dose of Moderna or Pfizer vaccine. If the full 2 weeks have not been completed, the individual is considered as unvaccinated and must comply as detailed above. A student is considered up to date with COVID-19 vaccination if they are eligible and have received the booster vaccination. Once eligible, students have 1 month to obtain the booster vaccination. Up to date with COVID-19 vaccination is the current requirement for in person attendance on campus. To submit vaccination records, please contact Health Services.

** While the Daily COVID-19 Screening is not currently being used, in the event of increased community spread, the college may require it again.

*** As of Monday, March 21, 2022, Purchase College has enacted a Mask Optional Policy.  The College reserves the right to change this directive upon review of current  health information pertaining to COVID-19.