Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

Cheers to the Spring Semester with New and Exciting Services and Events!!

 Wendy Morosoff, Director

Students and Alumni Networking Event

The Career Development Center (CDC) Team has been busy planning a robust and exciting array of spring events that will help you boost your career knowledge, build your skills and get “connected” this Spring semester!

Our Spring calendar is filled with some awesome programs including:  

Working in Education with Alumni Speaker- Eric Gonzalez

Career Opportunities in Book Publishing

Media & Communications Alumni Talk

Annual Job & Internship Fair at the PAC

Careers in Psychology & Human Services

Job-In-A-Week: Job Search Clinic, Employers Mock Interview Day

NEW! Interview Stream Video— Virtual Practice System!

The New Year can be can also be a great time for you to work on finding and engaging in opportunities that build upon your academic and professional success. Taking ownership of your personal career planning and decision-making with the support and help from the CDC is key. The CDC will work with you to gain experience through internships, summer jobs, and more!  The opportunities to network with alumni and gain career skills are vast! All it takes is a bit of motivation and support to get you started.