Our students’ health/safety both inside and outside of the campus community is first and foremost our primary concern, during the current Covid-19 crisis. The Purchase College Career Development Center continues to fulfill our mission and commitment in strengthening our student’s career and internship learning experiences moving forward.

The Career Development Center continues to support student experiential learning as well as seek to engage with, develop, and provide opportunities for employers to connect with our students. This best practice guide was developed to support and enable organizations to offer their virtual projects along with professional development, and other applied learning activities for internships now and in the days ahead. Also included are additional suggestions for Internship Site Supervisors to further assess and determine remote projects, training, research, and professional development activities to support learning outcomes. 

For further assistance or discussion on how to create and maximize your credit-bearing internship, please visit our Site Supervisor Guidelines or contact the Experiential Learning Coordinator (Jeffrey Arroyo) at jeffrey.arroyo@purchase.edu.

Thank you for supporting our students! Wishing you all good health during this challenging time. 

Virtual Projects

Beyond the virtual projects already identified by our valued employer internship sites, career related/professional development virtual activities may be offered to complement the already existing Learning Outcomes (LOs). Virtual activities may include: industry/career-specific webinars, (Purchase Career Center Webinars), resources like Candid Career, or related Tedtalks from professionals. You are welcome to also use other resources recommended by the supervising professional.

  • Whenever possible, depending on the activity, internship hours should be adjusted or added to a student intern’s learning outcomes
  • In cases where this is possible, such projects and experiences may be appropriate to count towards their credit hour requirements with your approval as a Site Supervisor