Your First-Year Seminar instructor also serves as your academic advisor during your first semester, so you will have a built-in opportunity to see your advisor on a weekly basis.

Course Description
In this introduction to the merits and expectations of a liberal arts education, incoming freshmen in the liberal arts and sciences, in arts management, and in theatre and performance are encouraged to become members of the Purchase College intellectual community. Through readings, discussions, and supervised activities, students learn about the college’s academic expectations and its educational and co-curricular opportunities. Graded on a pass/fail basis; cannot be repeated.


  1. Required for incoming freshmen and selected transfer students in the BA and BS programs (excluding the liberal studies BA majors and the BS in communications), and for freshmen who have not yet declared their major.
  2. In their freshman year, biology majors take BIO 1880/Biology Freshman Seminar and all incoming freshmen in the School of Art+Design take VIS 1050/ComX, as part of their major requirements, instead of FRS 1030.

Learning Outcomes

  • To discuss the value and meaning of a liberal arts education
  • To recognize, examine, and discuss topics surrounding diversity in order to better understand the cultural background of oneself and others
  • To explain academic requirements, accurately interpret the Degree Progress Report, construct a course schedule for the following semester, and develop an academic roadmap to graduation
  • To identify and locate campus resources and clubs that support student involvement and success
  • To use the LAS Handbook to demonstrate knowledge of campus policies and procedures
  • To identify personal strengths in order to align academic goals with career goals