Course Description

Discovering the Arts is an introductory course dedicated to helping you to become a fully participating cultural and intellectual citizen of Purchase College.

The experiential course integrates material on time management, goal setting, and the foundations for academic success at Purchase with participation in the campus arts environment.

Through the semester, you will gain understanding of the creative processes and artistic expressions of dance, theater, music, and visual art.  You will go inside, behind the scenes, and into the lively creative processes taking place in the Performing Arts Center, Neuberger Museum, and the School of Arts Conservatories, to set the stage for continued cultural participation.

Completion of the 3-credit course satisfies the SUNY General Education Arts Core requirement.

Course Objectives

In this course, students will:

  • Attend performances and exhibits and actively reflect on the aesthetic and critical principles at work through writing and discussion
  • Exchange ideas with each other to shape their own understandings of creative practice and artistic form
  • Read, critique, and discuss critical essays from the fields of dance, music, theater and visual culture.
  • Increase cultural competency by recognizing, examining, and discussing topics surrounding equity and social justice within the contexts of art production, distribution, attendance, and criticism.