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Erin Roby

Lecturer of Psychology

Dr. Roby completed her PhD at the University of California, Merced before completing a post-doctoral fellowship at the New York University Grossman School of Medicine. Dr. Roby is now a Research Scientist and Director of Research for the Video Interaction Project , a primary care-based parenting intervention delivered from birth through age 5.

More About Me

As humans, we spend much of our everyday lives predicting and making sense of others’ behaviors. This ability is called psychological reasoning. In my research, I focus on identifying the factors that support children’s earliest abilities in this area and use this information to inform programs seeking to reduce disparities in child development. Part of this work involves designing, implementing, and evaluating parenting interventions involving reading and play that support positive parenting and children’s language, social-emotional development, and social cognition for children in the 0-3 range. Much of this work has taken place in the context of an NIH-funded randomized controlled trial called Smart Beginnings (, which is investigating the impact of pediatric and home-visiting parenting programs on parenting and child outcomes among racially and ethnically diverse families with low-income, and a community-partnered, county-wide implementation of programs for children and families called the Pittsburgh Study (