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Lunia Vera

Lecturer of Spanish

Lunia Vera is a new Professor of Language and Culture. She also has experience teaching courses on education, linguistics, culture, and Spanish as a second language. In her classes, she combines her educational, psychological, and linguistic formal training with a communicative and dynamic approach to teaching.

More About Me

Lunia also writes poetry. Her recent book, 80 Naufragios, is based on the experiences of a castaway immigrant who did not make it to the USA. Her doctoral dissertation in Education was about the burnout of professors in the School of Education; her Master’s thesis in Spanish Department attempts to introduce the classics of Latin America literature to any Spanish learning level; her thesis in Literature studies the poetry of one Peru’s most famous female literary figures: Blanca Varela: El discurso de la frustración. Análisis semiótico de Canto Villano.

Lunia holds B.A.s in Spanish and Education completed in her hometown of Arequipa, Peru at Universidad Católica Santa Mariá and Universidad Nacional de San Agustin, respectively. Since her arrival in the United States she has taught Spanish language extensively at all levels of superior education, ranging from Princeton University, to Tulane University, The College of New Jersey, Newton College, Delgado Community College, Rider University, and most recently, Fordham University. Lunia’s teaching philosophy is grounded on a task-based methodology of everyday student engagement with the culture and linguistic element of the language that aims to connect students with their peers, their community, the college, or any Spanish speaker.