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Jerima DeWese

Chief Diversity and Affirmative Action Officer

Title IX Coordinator and ADA Compliance Officer

Jerima DeWese joined Purchase College as its Chief Diversity & Affirmative Action Officer/Title IX Coordinator & ADA Compliance Officer in 2017.

Jerima, as a campus leader and change agent, with close to 25 years of professional higher education management and leadership experience, oversees the Office of Diversity and Compliance and four integral areas of the College. These four areas are: Diversity, Title IX, Affirmative Action, and ADA/Accessibility.

Jerima is responsible for leading all campus-wide efforts in these areas to encourage and ensure diversity, equity, inclusivity, and compliance for all members of the Purchase College community.

In her capacity, Jerima leads, directs and manages all college-wide diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) matters, initiatives and efforts. This includes the effective creation and implementation of the Colleges’ Diversity Plan and Affirmative Action Plans; the campus ethics and bias response protocols; the interpretation and enforcement of Title IX laws, regulations, policies and procedures; the campus search, recruitment and exit processes and practices; and the oversight of our DEI, search committee, Title IX, and sexual harassment prevention compliance trainings.

Jerima also serves as the College’s ADA Compliance Officer. She is responsible for overseeing the development and integration of policies, procedures and practices to ensure adherence and compliance with the regulatory obligations of the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Act.

Jerima holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Administration/Human Resources Administration and a Master of Arts in Urban Affairs/Public Management.

In her spare time, Jerima enjoys journaling and meditation.