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Archeology in Israel

This three-week program offers a unique opportunity to work on a real archaeological excavation site in Israel alongside senior archaeologists while learning all aspects of archaeological fieldwork and meeting people from all over the world. 

The archeological site changes year to year between two well known sites, Megiddo and Tel Kabri. Regardless of the site, students enroll in one or two courses, a required field course and an optional lecture course. Credits can be transferred to Purchase as elective credits or towards some majors with permission of boards of study. Academic activities, take place on site or in the kibbutz where students and staff on the archaeological team live. Students live in shared dormitory style rooms.

While not a Purchase program directly (in alternate years it is run through Tel Aviv University and the University of Haifa), Purchase faculty member Rachel Hallote selects students and coordinates their acceptance into the program. Once accepted, Purchase students must register through Purchase in order to obtain academic credits. Open to all majors. 

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