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Shayla Haney

Your Pronouns




Class Year



Astoria, NY – However, St. Louis, Missouri raised me

Favorite Color


Best Place I’ve Ever Visited

Nassau, Bahamas

Why did you want to become a Global Scholar?

I am a constantly evolving person who has the ultimate goal of becoming a global citizen. By this, I mean to accept the responsibility that my identity will go beyond my geographical location or political boundaries, and where responsibilities come from serving humanity. A global citizen has to empathize with people who are suffering across the world, see the world in the same view as others, and have the wisdom to recognize the interconnectedness of all things that have life (Kishino & Takahashi, 2019). I believe that I can achieve this goal by excelling as a Global Scholar at SUNY Purchase. I aim to be nourished with academic wisdom in Communications – Marketing. That will allow me to develop campaigns, products, and activism to help others towards their global citizenship journey.

Kishino, H., & Takahashi, T. (2019). Global citizenship development: effects of study abroad and other factors. Journal of International Students, 9(2), 535-559.