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Elizabeth Pierson

Education Abroad Coordinator

As Education Abroad Coordinator, Elizabeth is the primary contact for students wishing to study abroad during their time at Purchase.

From application to enrollment to reentry, Elizabeth works with students through every step of the process to help them gain a new perspective on the world and to become truly engaged global citizens.

Elizabeth has been fortunate to have had numerous international experiences in her life, each of which has informed her personal and professional pathways and her worldview that humans are really more similar than we are different.

As an undergraduate, she spent a semester in Ecuador, living with a dynamic host family, learning Spanish, and studying the diverse ecological systems that connect that country.

Prior to being at Purchase she worked in the field of education technology research, which allowed her an in-depth and up-close view of education systems around the world including those in Argentina, Chile, Kenya, India, China, and Russia.

In addition, she has lived and traveled extensively throughout Central and South America to Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Paraguay, Brazil, and Peru.

Elizabeth believes that with some good academic and financial planning ALL students really can study abroad. Email her today and let her help you find the perfect program for your interests!