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Akil Davis

Lecturer in Acting

Akil Davis, who grew up with hip-hop dance in his everyday culture in Memphis, Tennessee, is a full-time performing artist and theatre teacher as well as the founder and artistic director of the performance company LoudSol.

Davis earned his BA in theatre from NYU Tisch School of the Arts and has received extensive training in four different forms of Balinese dance, three forms of Thai classical dance, modern dance, Butoh, African, ballet, jazz, Kabuki, and Noh. He subsequently combined Balinese Thai classical and hip-hop to create a new dance form, which he has taught extensively at Patravadi Theatre in Bangkok, Thailand. Davis was also one of the first students of AcroYoga, incorporating it in his performances and teaching.

Davis teaches a rare form of mask work created by Per Brahe, which is now taught by only four people worldwide. He began as an apprentice and soon combined his personal experience and knowledge with the fundamental principles that Brahe had established—developing in the process a new branch of mask work and theatre training complete with original philosophies, meditations, and exercises. He and Brahe now teach both individually and as a team at their Balinese Theatre Training program. Davis has taught theatre and dance all over America and in more than seven countries, two of which are regular and ongoing (Bali and Thailand). He is also the creator of the Davis Technique, an original acting and performance technique, which is taught exclusively to long-term students.