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Umayyah Cable

Assistant Professor of Media Studies

Umayyah Cable is Assistant Professor of Media Studies with interdisciplinary research and teaching specializations spanning the fields of race and ethnic studies, postcolonial studies, and queer studies. 

More About Me

They are currently completing a book manuscript on Arab American media activism and the mobilization of Palestine solidarity politics in the US. The project chronicles forty years of Arab American media activism on Palestine and how various controversies that surrounded that activism worked to increase awareness about Palestine while forging solidarities across marginalized groups. From the production of educational film strips, public television broadcasting, and narrative and documentary film-making, to film festival organizing and participation in Hollywood awards shows, Arab and Arab American activists and their allies have leveraged media production and distribution to resist stereotypes, produce knowledge about Palestine for general audiences, and cultivate solidarities across lines of race, ethnicity, and sexuality.

Representative Courses

Media Institutions and Forms

Media Activism


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