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Azeta Kola

Lecturer in History

Dr. Kola’s area of expertise and research is the history of Early Modern Europe (1450-1750), Renaissance Italy, the Venetian and Ottoman Empires in the Mediterranean world, East-West relations in the frontier regions, and the legacies of such interactions in the Modern era. Before coming to Purchase College, Dr. Kola taught at Northwestern University, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Mercy College, and New York University.


“Grain Matters: Food Provisioning in Sixteenth Century Venice and the Eastern
Mediterranean” Renaissance Quarterly, (Forthcoming) 2020.

“From Serenissima’s Centralization to the Self-Regulating Kanun: The Strengthening of Blood Ties and the Rise of Great Tribes in Northern Albania, 15th to 17th Centuries” in Acta Histriae, 25, vol. 2, (2017), 349-374.

“Aspects of the Economic Policies and Commercial Practices of the Venetian
Administration in the Littoral Albanian Cities, 1392-1479” in Medievo Adriatico, vol. 4, (2012), 97-112.