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John Ramberg ’76

John Ramberg (’76) retired as a senior engineering manager in the aerospace industry, having worked for Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Lockheed, and Hughes Aircraft. He was in the first freshman class at Purchase and graduated (B.A. ’76) with honors in physics (the first and only Purchase physics major!) and went onto earn a M.A. in physics from Washington University in St. Louis.

Always an interdisciplinary sort, he also plays guitar and piano, studies cinematography, rides a Ducati, and SCUBA dives. He is interested in keeping alive the Purchase tradition of an interdisciplinary approach to education and life, countering the forces of specialization.

John currently live in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his wife Karen.


Trustee, Purchase College Foundation


Retired executive, Northrop Grumman

Board Committees

Alumni Engagement and Development Committee, Member