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Dexis Caballero

Where are you from?

Sunset Park, Brooklyn, currently residing at Purchase College, and I am of Dominican decent.


What is your major?

Arts Management


What does “Think Wide Open” mean to you?


Think Wide Open, to me means having an open mind. In other words allowing yourself to understand others for who they are as an individual, allowing yourself to grow and connect to different cultures, environments and communities. 


What would you want prospective students to know about Purchase?

I would want Prospective students to know that Purchase is a place where you can be yourself and where you find new things about yourself. Purchase is the place where you can be adventurous with education, you can explore many different subjects and learn new things everyday.


Why did you choose Purchase?

I chose Purchase because I felt really welcomed the minute I step foot on to the campus. I was also intimidated of big colleges, because I was so used to going to smaller schools and I wanted my professors to know my name.


What made you want to become an Ambassador?

This Year I chose to become an Ambassador because I felt like I can show others why I love this college so much and I hope to show why this school is so great and why it should be one of their top choices for College.