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Shaquasia Spears ’08

Shaquasia Spears ’08, AKA Slim Trim Sounds, is a Bronx, NY native, hip-­hop artist, songwriter, and founder of The Lyrical Movement, a collective highlighting hip-­hop culture within the arts, education, media, fashion, social advocacy and music. Since releasing her debut mixtape About to Change Everything in December 2015, Slim has performed around NYC and has appeared alongside hip-­hop legend Ralph McDaniels on the iconic hip-­hop television show Video Music Box. She was featured on two of Huffington Post’s Black Voices BARS segments (which have collectively garnered over 100,000 views on Facebook to date), and has made cameo appearances in rap cyphers, television commercials, indie music videos, and social media advertising. Slim is a member of the Platinum Boy Music family, serving as a songwriter and ambassador of the Music 101 College Tour, led by multi-­platinum producer Amadeus (whose production credits include 80+ artists such as Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Fabolous, and J. Lo). She also was a brand ambassador for the legendary Kool DJ Red Alert’s ‘Let’s Connect’ networking and business mixer and stands as a guest host on The RAPPort hip-­hop podcast.


Liberal Studies


Member, Alumni Association Board of Directors