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Robert Olejarz

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology

Minor: History

Hometown: Brooklyn

Favorite Food: Pizza

Sign: Libra

Color: Green

My motivation to succeed:

My mom had to sacrifice a lot when she came over here from Poland. She worked a lot just so i could have an opportunity to get a good education. My success is my mothers as well so i have to be able to show it.

Most people don’t know about me:

In high school my friends and i made a skateboard brand for a after school club and were able to present it at a competition at Nike HQ. We placed second but a local skate shop called Homage produced one line of boards to sell. It was an amazing experience.

Long term goals:

My long term goals are to simply be in a position that can support those closest to me and being able to help those in need. Ultimately a profession in the medical/health field. It would be nice to have my own organization that helps people get opportunities for education or developing skills.

What does EOP/Map mean to you?

For me, EOP/MAP always means support. Mary has always supported my decisions and provided advice to me when i needed it most. I always felt i could walk in and talk to her about any troubles in school or at home. Its rare to find counselors who care as much the EOP/MAP program does. Their positivity makes you want to succeed.

Whats your most invaluable experience at purchase?

There are a lot of separate experiences i could highlight but one stands out the most. Meeting students and professors from the purchase community has been a tremendously invaluable experience. I haven’t been able to connect with fellow peers or professors as much as i have in my time at purchase. The diversity on campus of people from different backgrounds and walks of life educated me not only on different social issues but also just on how talented people here are.