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Daniel Mann

Lecturer, Sociology

Daniel Mann’s research interests center around the sociology of sport—with a specific focus on rugby; urban sociology and research methods. Mann’s current research focuses on how masculinity is constructed, built and governed among amateur/club rugby players.

In addition to sociology of sport, his research also focuses on gentrification, immigration and urban development using primarily qualitative and ethnographic methods. His most recent project involved producing, directing, and editing a short documentary on gentrification in Astoria, Queens, as well as designing a teaching module for faculty to use to teach about gentrification as well as ethnographic research, in conjunction with the documentary.

At Purchase since 2017, Mann has taught in both in Sociology as well as in the School of Liberal Studies and Continuing Education, where he taught a two-credit short course that he designed entitled “Using Surveys and Polls’, which looks at application of survey and polling methods.