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Alfa De Jesus - EOP Sophomore Mentor

Hi Im Alfa De Jesus, I’ll be a sophomore EOP mentor this summer. I transferred to Purchase last year from Buffalo state. The transition wasn’t easy considering both schools have distinct environments. However Purchase was a great move that has helped my academic growth immensely. I value family very much. Growing up in the Bronx, raised by my Dominican mother along side my older sister and sticking together is all I grew to know. I played softball and basketball all throughout high school and enjoyed basketball so much that I am currently on the Women’s basketball team here at Purchase. I believe being apart of something bigger than ones self is motivation towards success. I struggle with public speaking and hope to improve on that throughout the rest of my academic career. Coming into my 3rd year of College I finally I understand that it is a place to make connections and learn lessons that will shape the input you will have in the real world. Here at Purchase there are many tools for success and I look forward to meeting all of you and learning what they are and how to use them together.