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Usha Reena Rungoo

Assistant Professor of French and Literature

Usha Rungoo is an Assistant Professor of French and teaches in both the Language and Culture program and the Literature program. Her current project explores space and aesthetics in contemporary literature from the Global South, mainly from the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean. In postcolonial literature in general, the political and social are rarely studied through the lens of aesthetics. Pushing back against this trend, Rungoo’s project conceives of aesthetics and narrative play as a transgressive practice creating textual landscapes that resist and subvert colonial and neo-colonial conceptions of global space.

More About Me

Rungoo’s broader research and teaching interests include: postcolonial studies, Francophone Caribbean studies, Francophone Indian Ocean studies, transatlantic studies, aesthetics, spatial studies, urban studies and visual studies.

Before joining Purchase, Rungoo spent several years teaching literature and French language at Yale and Queen’s University, as well as in high school-equivalent and public service settings both in Canada and the US. She has extensive training in the pedagogy of teaching and has trained new teachers by facilitating workshops and organizing events, most recently serving as a McDougal Fellow at the Center for Language and Teaching at Yale.