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Kaspar Horsfield

My name is Kaspar Horsfield and I’m a queer, trans Graphic Design major here at Purchase College. I came out as queer almost 6 years ago, and 2 years ago as trans. I started HRT May 4th, 2018. I fell in love with Graphic Design my junior year of High School; then Purchase soon after. I love the school, the curriculum, and the experiences I’ve had so far, regardless of being good or bad because I consider them all things to learn and grow from. Aside from my life at college, I do a few different things! I’ve been drawing my whole life, and you’ll always see me doodling or sketching on my papers; sometimes I’ll actually carry around a sketchbook. I’ve been doing Karate since I was 11, and I received my Black Belt in Classical Okinawa Te Karate on April 3rd, 2017. I also just generally enjoy being outside, and spending time with my 10 year-old English Bulldog Lulu! If you’ve known me for longer than 5 minutes you’ll have already seen at least 20 pictures of this dog; I love her.