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Jesse Krim

Senior speaker finalist Jesse Krim has packed a lot into her time at Purchase—and that includes earning enough credits to graduate in just three years.

She made the Dean’s List every semester and earned the President’s Award for Achievement for arts management.

She worked as a gallery assistant at the Neuberger Museum of Art for all but one of her semesters here, which she spent studying and interning at Washington DC’s Smithsonian Museum. She also studied abroad in Spain in summer 2017 and interned for the School of the Arts office on campus.

The New York City native has also given back to the community—during a phone-a-thon, she helped raise $3000 for the Purchase Fund, which provides scholarship funds to students in need. She volunteered at multiple study abroad interest meetings and fairs and for the City Council Campaign of Kamillah Hanks for NYC District 49.

If Krim were to stay at Purchase longer, she would complete her coursework toward minors in Spanish and art history.

PC: Describe a moment during your Purchase experience when you felt most challenged?

JK: The process of deciding on a senior project thesis and finding the research to support it.

PC: And most proud or triumphant?

JK: When I realized I would be graduating in three years.

PC: If you had to predict, what is something from your time at Purchase that you think will leave a lasting impression?

JK: The awareness that there will be people in and around my life that are unique and “different” who are really just the same as you and that that is what allows the community to thrive.

PC: If you had to name one, who is the professor who had the greatest impact on you? Why?

JK: A professor with the greatest impact on me would be Melissa Forstrom because she has been my senior project advisor, guiding me through that arduous process. She has also been my professor in a class that has opened my eyes into the field I intend to pursue. She also passed along a job application with which I applied for my first ever career-based endeavor.

PC: What does Think Wide Open mean to you?

JK: To me, to Think Wide Open means to always have an open mind and no matter what you come across, you should approach it openly. Be willing to challenge the opinions you have already and be open to gaining something new from every experience you have in life.

PC: What do you hope to be doing a year from now?

JK:  In a year from now I hope to be working in the city for a company whose mission aligns with my professional goals. I hope to be starting my career, making connections, and building myself as a person.

PC: What will you miss most about Purchase?  

JK: What I will really miss most about Purchase is the friends I’ve made here and the routine that feels so comfortable at this point.

PC: Any words of encouragement for your fellow graduates?

JK: Do not hesitate to follow whatever path it is you want to take and don’t let anyone make you feel like you aren’t worth listening to yourself because at the end of the day it’s only you standing in the way of your own desires.