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Solange Rodrigues ’20

Dance Major from Rochester, New York



What I want prospective students to know about Purchase: Purchase is a very free environment that always has something going on. It is very hard to be bored on this campus; there are always events, performances, clubs, open classes, and games to attend!

The reason I became an Ambassador: I wanted to become an Ambassador to meet students that are considering coming to this school, and help convince them that Purchase is a wonderful place to be.

My favorite spot on campus: The Stood and The Great Lawn

Why I chose Purchase: The remarkable dance program!

My hobbies and interests: I like dancing, going to performances, sleeping, watching movies, reading, listening to music…oh, and cartwheeling!

Future plans after Purchase: After college I intend to become a choreographer, as well as a teacher and performer. 

What “Think Wide Open” means to me: This means being accepting and welcoming to all the different ideas, people, etc. that one may encounter. To “think wide open” means to try new things, meet new people, eat a different kind of sandwich, and explore outside your boundaries!!