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Alexander Zlatsin

Lecturer in Mathematics/Computer Science

Alexander Zlatsin teaches Computer Science Courses. He earned his MS in Applied Math and Computer Science, at  Moscow University of Transport Engineering (MIIT), Moscow, Russia, and holds a Certificate in Project Management Fundamentals. 

More About Me

Previously, he had worked at IBM T.J Watson Research Center as a Senior Unix Systems Engineer for over 15 years. His area of interest and expertise are  Cloud computing, AIX/Linux system administration, system management, cluster/grid management. He developed software using Perl, PHP, Tcl, Java, C/C++, shell scripts on systems: RedHat Linux, AIX, Websphere, DB2, LDAP, Apache, Tomcat. Prior to working at Purchase, he taught computer science courses at CUNY, Bronx Community College for 6 years.


In addition, Alexander has had 57 US and International patents issued, some of which are listed below:

  • 6,711,699 Real time backup system for information based on a user’s actions and gestures
  • 6,687,383 System and method for coding audio information in images
  • 6,654,034 Information presentation system for a graphical user interface
  • 6,597,410 System for the automatic adaptation of projector images and a method for the implementation thereof
  • 6,587,128 Method for displaying hidden objects by varying the transparency of overlapping objects
  • 6,577,497 User-friendly automatic assembler PC system
  • 6,505,208 Educational monitoring method and system for improving interactive skills based on participants on the network
  • 6,496,949 Emergency backup system, method and program product therefore
  • 6,484,130 Office accessibility information provider
  • 6,426,761 Information presentation system for a graphical user interface
  • 6,401,065 Intelligent keyboard interface with use of human language processing
  • 6,377,296 Virtual map system and method for tracking objects
  • 6,371,616 Information processing miniature devices with embedded projectors
  • 6,334,109 Distributed personalized advertisement system and method
  • 6,295,051 Intelligent boundless computer mouse system
  • 6,246,985 Method and apparatus for automatic segregation and routing of signals of different origins


  • Evaluation of Linux System Management Tools, 2004
  • Evaluation of IBM Cluster Systems Management (CSM) Software, 2005
  •  Experience of Development of Light-Weight Enterprise Grid to Cluster Computing and the Grid, CCGrid 2007 conference
  • Co-authored  IBM Redbook: A Virtualization Experience: IBM Worldwide Grid Implementation, SG24-7229-00, 2007