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Fatema Kamal `18

Transfer Sociology Major from Yorktown Heights, New York



What I want prospective students to know about Purchase: It’s a small liberal arts college campus. Which is another way of saying that it’s a very intimate community with a diverse student population. It means that while you DON’T have to go far to seek out opportunities since they’re right at your fingertips, you DO need to take the initiative and actually grab that opportunity. Whether it’s visiting a professor’s office hours, or attending a performance on campus, or maybe even running for a student government position. Most if not all of your professors will know your names a few weeks in. Get to know them. Chat over lunch about music, or love, or politics. They can be your best resource, and sometimes even a shoulder to cry on. Go out and meet students who are like you. Go out and become friends with someone you never thought you’d be friends with. It happens a LOT here, trust me. Trust in yourself, too. Remain connected to the campus, and you’ll discover so many gems in so many unexpected ways and places.  

The reason I became an Ambassador: I chose to become an Ambassador because I believe future students from all backgrounds, experiences, and situations need to be able to relate to their prospective home for the next four years on a personal, more human level. And since we are among the first faces they will see, it’s critical that I’m able to convey that. I want to share my struggles and triumphs with these students in a way that will inspire them to always keep moving forward no matter what. I want to help them find their own niche here. 

My favorite spot on campus: The benches in the Main Plaza. 

Why I chose Purchase: Before I matriculated, I spoke with some professors from my intended major department. And unlike my previous institution, Purchase had a much stronger and well-rounded program, with the additional advantage of the senior project requirement that, while a difficult and stressful process, really prepares you to become an independent thinker. The smaller class sizes also suit me really well, because they allow for discussions and sometimes heavy debates on subject matters. And the professors really care about making the material relatable to their students for application in real-world matters, which I think is critical in learning and retaining knowledge of any sort.   

My hobbies and interests: Reading, spending time outdoors, chilling with family and friends, exploring new places and trying new things

Future plans after Purchase: Grad school :D 

What “Think Wide Open” means to me: From my personal experience it means acceptance and opportunity. Everything and everyone at Purchase really widened my horizon. The professors constantly challenge me to exceed limits in both my thinking and actions, and by doing so they’ve inspired me to chase after opportunities I didn’t before. The aura of inclusivity that pervades the campus community has helped me to realize that it’s not just okay to be yourself, that’s exactly what you should aim to be, always. As a result, I’ve become surer of myself.