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Zaire Anderson `19

Printmaking Major and Global Black Studies Minor from Brooklyn, New York


What I want prospective students to know about Purchase: I want prospective students to know that Purchase has everything you’re looking for. You will be welcomed into a space where you are free to explore any of your interests with the guarantee that you’ll be learning from some of the most knowledgeable professors.

The reason I became an Ambassador: I became an Ambassador because with the constantly changing society we are in and the increasing rates of student loan debt, college is starting to look like a waste for many young people. Being that I was in their shoes two years ago and had to face the benefits and drawbacks of investing in college while being less enthusiastic about the experience as a whole, I believe I have insight into what many high school seniors are feeling. It’s important for me to be a voice for the students who are skeptical as someone who was incredibly skeptical myself. 

My favorite spot on campus: My favorite spot on campus is behind the Visual Arts building. The view of the sunsets back there is amazing. 

Why I chose Purchase: ​I chose Purchase because the Visual Arts conservatory was exactly what I was looking for at the perfect distance from home. Being a student in the conservatory forces me to become incredibly well-read and thoughtful in my own art practice. Additionally, Purchase is a great midpoint for me of going away for school and missing home. Being that Purchase is so close to my home in Brooklyn, I can pretty much go home whenever I want. Likewise, when I don’t need to get away, I can stay at school and hang out with my friends.

My hobbies and interests: I love riding my bike around the city and around campus, and listening to music. I love making sketchbooks and hand binding them in different ways. 

Future plans after Purchase: After Purchase I intend to attend graduate school for education after taking a year off to work and relax after going to school for 16 years.

What “Think Wide Open” means to me: To me, “Think Wide Open” means to exist in such a way that we are able to interact honestly. When one ‘thinks wide open,’ they remove any preconceived notions, assumptions, or expectations of their peers and let others live without pressure or restraint.