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Nadia Duncan ’19

Theatre & Performance Major and Opera/Classical Voice Minor from Vienna, Virginia


What I want prospective students to know about Purchase: One word: collaboration. There are so many fantastic and talented artists on campus, but unlike most schools of its kind, the Purchase community is full of collaboration on independent projects. The students at our school are so creative and so driven to put up student productions, create films, plan events at the Stood, put up performance pieces, and just display their art all over campus. And the best part is that the faculty encourages us to do it!

The reason I became an Ambassador: I wanted to share how much I love my school with those who are still in the decision-making stage. I know exactly how it feels to be nervous and unsure about college, and I wanted to help guide and support my peers and their parents the way that I was when I came to Purchase for the first time.

My favorite spot on campus: I absolutely love the little fountain and the trees behind the Admissions building. It’s a great place to walk and even lay in the grass during warmer weather.

Why I chose Purchase: Purchase was actually kind of a last minute decision for me. I had auditioned for the Musical Theatre programs at many other schools, and unfortunately, didn’t get accepted. A family friend suggested I apply to Purchase, a school that I had never heard of, but because I didn’t have any other choices at that time, I applied. I committed to Purchase having never set foot on the campus; I was completely unfamiliar with anything about the school. But, when I came to Orientation, I fell in love. I knew that I was right where I belong, and the rest is history.

My hobbies and interests: I’ve pretty much been focused on my music and my acting for now, as well as working in various offices on campus including Community Engagement, Career Development, the Purchase College Great Potential Program and Student Financial Services. I do want to maintain my passion for dance, and just stay active, so I plan on trying to take a couple more dance classes like I did last spring.

Future plans after Purchase: Whether I stay in New York or move back to NoVA, or even move somewhere completely new, I’ll be performing. Where I go all depends on where the opportunities take me. My dream would be to be able to survive on my artistry alone. 

What “Think Wide Open” means to me: To me, “Think Wide Open” is homage to the individualism and self-expression that we see at Purchase. Everyone just lets their personal style run wild and there are so many characters on campus. One Friday night, I was talking to my best friend about my outfit, and how I was nervous to wear such a scandalous dress. Then she said to me “Don’t worry. No matter what you’re wearing, someone will always look weirder.” And trust me, she’s right.