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Shellie Denise Welsh ’19

Communications Major and Psychology Minor from Brooklyn, New York



What I want prospective students to know about Purchase: I always compare Purchase to endless pizza! You’d​ think that it couldn’t get better, then you’re surprised by something new. 

The reason I became an Ambassador: I love being the first face people see when they come on campus!

My favorite spot on campus: The couches in Starbucks!

Why I chose Purchase: THE DIVERSITY! 

My hobbies and interests: Eating and sleeping

Future plans after Purchase: In the future, I hope to figure out what I actually want to pursue. I’m interested in working with marketing and advertising in the beauty industry, project management, or event coordination.

What “Think Wide Open” means to me: Thinking Wide Open applies to people who are introverted or extroverted; students who are quiet to voice their opinions through different mediums of art, for example. Meanwhile, it allows outspoken students to get out and speak their mind.