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Melina Finck, `18

Theatre and Performance + Arts Management Double Major from Brooklyn, New York



What I want prospective students to know about Purchase: This school is full of the best kind of weirdos around!

The reason I became an Ambassador: I became an Admissions Ambassador because I wanted to transfer the energy and excitement I feel about Purchase to prospective students and make every single person know that they could find a home here.

My favorite spot on campus: The bathrooms in the PAC are spectacular.

Why I chose Purchase: I chose Purchase because of its close proximity to New York City, the absolutely amazing arts programs, and the diversity of the student body.

My hobbies and interests: I enjoy playing guitar, piano and juggling.

Future plans after Purchase: Oooooo… I wish I had an idea.

What “Think Wide Open” means to me: Think Wide Open means listening, inventing, creating, collaborating, discussing, and accepting. ​