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Giancarlo Montes `18

Photography Major from Washington D.C.


What I want prospective students to know about Purchase: It’s a place that lets you explore creatively, spiritually and academically, and the faculty especially encourages this.

The reason I became an Ambassador: At first it was to learn about Purchase, but now it’s to show prospective students why I love our programs. 

My favorite spot on campus: The painted rocks (basically a bunch of huge boulders that have been painted on and there’s a fire pit and a stream). Its nice during the day because no one’s there and a great place to have a bonfire. 

Why I chose Purchase: For the arts programs. The faculty and my peers are incredibly engaged and excited about making art work. 

My hobbies and interests: Reading, hiking and after taking ONE yoga class; yoga. I’m one of those now. 

Future plans after Purchase: I have no idea, hopeful working within my field outside of Manhattan. 

What “Think Wide Open” means to me: Being open to learning from everyone around you, and listening and challenging the ideas around you as well. This means being open to being challenged. ​