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Evan Bigam

Assistant Director of Community Engagement


Evan describes himself as a “SUNY baby.”  Prior to joining the SUNY Purchase team in May 2016, Evan worked at SUNY Oswego as a Community Development Specialist for 4 years, where he supervised 3 full-time masters level Residence Hall Directors, and indirectly supervised 3 graduate-level Assistant Hall Directors, plus 49 Resident Assistants and approximately 60 other student staff covering 4 front desks.  He was at SUNY Cortland for 5 years where he worked as an Area Coordinator and Residence Hall Director.  Cortland was where Evan’s professional student affairs experience began.  However, his introduction occurred at Binghamton University, where Evan was involved in many extracurricular activities – including being a Resident Assistant, Conference Assistant, Club Volleyball Player, Alpha Phi Omega e-board member, etc.

He is happy to finally relocate to the NYC-metro area, after living in upstate/central New York for an extended period.  He now has the opportunity to see his family more frequently, having grown up on Long Island, including his young niece and nephews, as well as easy access to Broadway.  He enjoys time with friends and family, watching movies, bowling, playing board games and volleyball.  Feel free to stop by.

Functional Assignment: Assistant Director for Facilities, Operations and Logistics – I liaison with our facilities teams, ensuring cleaning, maintenance, repairs and upgrades occur, as well as opening and closing of our on-campus housing, plus other logistical concerns that arise.  I sit on the Sustainability Committee and the Student Green Fee Committee.  Additionally, I Chair the departmental Professional Development Committee, which also assists with Divisional sessions