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Fall 2023 Training Schedule

Hello Faculty and Staff:


Federal regulations, State laws and/or campus policy require that all employees participate in mandatory in-person or online compliance training on a variety of topics from Security Awareness to Accessibility to Workplace Violence and Domestic Violence Prevention to Sexual Harassment Prevention. In addition, the College conducts training on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and on College policies and systems.


Last year a training coordination team was assembled to stagger required training. The training is online and can be completed at your convenience.


You will receive an email from the Knowbe4 system inviting you to training. If you have any question as to the legitimacy of the email you receive, please contact CTS.


Fall 2023 Faculty and Staff Training Schedule and Beyond:


August 21st – September 11th

Faculty: Accessibility Training – 30 minutes: Past Due, Please Complete ASAP.


August 21st – September 22nd

Faculty and Staff: Security Awareness Training – 30 minutes: Past Due,

Please Complete ASAP.


August 29th – September 19th

Staff: Accessibility Training – 30 minutes: Past Due, Please Complete ASAP.


September 20th

Faculty and Staff: Workplace, Domestic, and Gender-Based Violence

Prevention Training – 30 minutes: Due Now.


October 23rd

Faculty and Staff: Sexual Harassment Prevention Training – 25 minutes


Coming Fall 2023

Faculty and Staff: Ethics Training for NYS Employees


Coming Spring 2024

Faculty and Staff: Procurement Best Practices and Red Flags


Good News! Only new hires need to complete the Internal Control Training this Fall.


We will send out information and dates for the Ethics Training in the next few weeks.


Your attention to completing the training programs you are enrolled in is important to overall College operations and to a culture of continuous improvement. However, it is also critical for compliance.


A list of all available training along with the above schedule can be found by going to Personnel and Employment on the Faculty and Staff page or by going directly to the training page.


Please let us know if you have any feedback.


Thank you.


Training Coordination Team:

  • David Bruehl – Senior Staff Assistant, Campus Technology Services
  • Ricardo Espinales – Associate Director, Human Resources
  • Kathleen Farrell – Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Susan Gentile – Programmer / Analyst, Campus Technology Services
  • Lisa Miles-Boyce – Chief Diversity Officer
  • Ryan Nassisi – Interim Director, Campus Technology Services
  • Darrell Perkins – Internal Control Officer
  • Liza Pleva – Director, Purchasing and Accounts Payable