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Thank You - with highlights and statistics from the CTS Annual Report

Thank You from all of us at Campus Technology Services for the the positive feedback on CTS support and services over the last year, and for the opportunity to help you to help the college achieve its mission.


CTS strives to provide responsive and effective support for students, academic programs, administrative offices and college-wide initiatives. Each year CTS creates an Annual Report for the past year, and a Work Plan for the coming year. Goals are correlated to the College’s Strategic Plan, with dependencies and measurable outcomes. Data on Work Orders, Equipment Loans, and customer satisfaction surveys is reported as well. Some highlights and statistics appear below.

Highlights from the CTS Annual Report for 2021-22

In fall 2021 students returned to campus after 2 years of mostly remote instruction. With the pandemic continuing, 2021-2022 proved to be yet another challenging year. All of CTS priorities, plans, and activities remained highly dynamic as the campus largely returned to in-person instruction while COVID variants continued to circulate and fatigue became apparent after 24 months of the Pandemic. Recovering enrollment and external factors such as SUNY initiatives, reaccreditation, and security continued to add to pressure for change.


Of the 51 goals in the CTS Work Plan for 2021-22, CTS completed 32 goals, made significant progress on 4 goals, and some progress on 2 goals. There were 12 goals not started, and 1 goal cancelled. CTS also completed 34 additional significant initiatives not originally identified as goals in our Work Plan.


CTS Work Order Volume - 5 year trend:


2017-18 12,015 Work Orders created

2018-19 11,945 Work Orders created

2019-20 12,600 Work Orders created

2020-21 7,616 Work Orders created

2021-22 10,068 Work Orders created


Equipment Loan Volume - 5 year trend:


2017-18: 3,040 students borrowed 11,761 pieces of equipment

2018-19: 3,105 students borrowed 11,059 pieces of equipment

2019-20: 2,436 students borrowed 9,996 pieces of equipment. (Spring 6 weeks short)

2020-21: 1,030 students borrowed 4,461 pieces of equipment. (remote loans only)

2021-22: 1,933 students borrowed 9,780 pieces of equipment


Service Satisfaction Surveys


There were 1,616 surveys returned for 10,068 Work Orders – a 16% rate of return.

Student, faculty and staff survey respondents ranked their satisfaction across three service criteria:



94% Very Satisfied 5% Satisfied 1% Neutral >1% Dissatisfied >1% Very Dissatisfied


94% Very Satisfied 5% Satisfied 1% Neutral >1% Dissatisfied >1% Very Dissatisfied


93% Very Satisfied 4% Satisfied 1% Neutral >1% Dissatisfied >1% Very Dissatisfied


This represents an overall satisfaction rate of 97% (Very Satisfied + Satisfied) or more – which is up from last year. Increasing satisfaction during the pandemic when change, disruption, and stress are high is a credit to the skills and effectiveness of CTS support staff and their managers in the Technical Support, Administrative Computing and Networking Systems and Telecommunications groups.


Most of the 1,616 surveys contain comments - like this faculty response: “CTS always works hard and takes as much time as needed to help me solve any problems that I have. This was no different. I appreciate the competency and professionalism. It makes my job a little easier. Much appreciated.”


Academic Computing services and support: In fall 2021, CTS repopulated the “socially distanced” computer labs - and installed over 100 new workstations in arts labs and classrooms across campus. Remote and long-term equipment loans continued. We conducted individual professional development sessions for faculty using Zoom, Teams and SharePoint, providing training and live support for over 120 Town Halls and large meetings that help maintain a sense of community.


Network, Systems, and Telecommunications: In September `21 we added Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for students, and moved additional applications to MFA (Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint.)We implemented High-Availability load-balancing, improved Wi-Fi service, and worked to move SharePoint and Exchange email to the cloud. We added storage to support the growing number of cameras, and virtualized UPD servers to improve reliability.


Administrative Systems: We added or improved integration for a variety of applications (Ever-Fi, Starfish, Simplicity, etc.) Added Telecommuting Work Plan and Progress Report transactions to HRETS to support the new union negotiated telecommuting agreement. Chaired the Accessibility Committee, added best practices training for all faculty and staff, remediated errors and improved accessibility of college web sites and systems.



Chaired the Instructional Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC). Chaired the Facility Security (FSC) pursuing the CHA campus security project. Worked with executives, Admissions and Financial Aid to implement the new Long-Term Equipment Loan (LTEL) program for Pell recipients. Led the Print Management Team working on the SUNY managed print directive.


Looking forward, the CTS Work Plan for 2022-23 contains 58 goals, including:

  • Implementation of ITAC allocations for Labs and software by fall 2022
  • Install 100 new computers in arts and science labs across campus by fall 2022
  • SUNY Preferred Name Mandate and Gender-X
  • SUNY D2L BrightSpace migration and SUNY Global-ID
  • SUNY Managed Print Initiative implementation spring 2023
  • Mandatory training - coordination among administrative offices
  • Work with SUNY and Purchasing Office on the new Jaggaer procurement system
  • Exchange Online, OneDrive migration
  • VOIP Planning and Pilot
  • VA and Admissions relocation, Bookstore, Space Planning Committee
  • Information Security Program, initiatives, and upgrades
  • Technology Policies - Review and Updates

We look forward to continuing to meet your service and support needs and another successful year for the College.