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SUNY Print Management Initiative Update: It’s Here! - effective July 1st 2022

SUNY Print Management Initiative Update - It’s Here!

After returning to in-person instruction and college operations last fall, printing is still down more than 50% from pre-pandemic levels. That’s great news - and we need to keep at it - driving print expenses down even further. Reducing printing will help the College achieve our Strategic Plan Goal 1.1.5: Expand our commitment to sustainable environmental practices, while saving the college money. Avoid returning to old printing habits, save the trees, and support the UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 - Responsible consumption and production.

We have all embraced Electronic Meetings and Electronic Documents over last 2 years, and we should continue using those options to share information. CTS can provide tips to help you make good use of electronic documents.

SUNY Office Print Management is here - effective 7/1/2022.

• This initiative covers all Administrative Office Printing expenses across campus.
• Student printing in Computer Labs, classrooms and the Library is not included, and will continue to use the existing Paper Cut system.
• After monitoring our print environment for the last 2 years, SUNY and its two contractors Pharos and Toshiba will be identifying our new shared print locations over the next few weeks. We will publish and circulate the new print location plan for comment once it arrives.

Participating in the SUNY Print Initiative will reduce expenses for Purchase College.

• The Per-Page cost for printing is substantially reduced using the new printers on the Toshiba Contract.
• Standardizing the printer fleet eliminates the “old toner closet” where expensive and yet unused supplies accumulate.
• The most expensive printers to operate – desktop printers – will be eliminated.
• New default print settings: B/W and double-sided for everything and everyone.
• Color printing should be avoided – but will remain available to all. SUNY will be geographically dispersing all printers.

What does this mean for you, and what happens next?

• A centralized “Office Print Expense” account will be established effective 7/1/22.
• All 25 Leased/Maintained Cannon Copiers are likely to be replaced when the SUNY plan is finalized. CTS will be issuing a short-term renewal for lease/maintenance of all copiers while SUNY works to finalize the new print location plan.
• Department Managers do not need to renew Cannon Purchase Orders, order supplies, or order paper for Administrative Office Print purposes.
• Shared printers with Secure Print Release codes will be located throughout campus. Your sensitive print-outs are only released when you arrive at the printer and are ready to receive them.
• All desktop printers are to be eliminated (Ask CTS about ADA Accessibility exemptions.)
• Once we receive the SUNY print location plan, we will publish the new print locations for comment (~July 2022) before approving the plan with appropriate adjustments. SUNY vendors and our local Print Management Team can meet with any Department Heads who have questions or concerns about the plan.
• Funding for existing leased/maintained copiers and other substantive and easily identifiable existing print expenses will be recovered in order to fund the new centralized “Administrative Office Print Expense” account.
• Department Managers and campus executives will have access to the Pharos Print Dashboard with the ability to monitor and review print usage within their management scope.
• There will be no print allocations per employee, and no print quotas. Print use will be tracked, monitored and reported by user, by department, by page count, and by type (color vs B/W, single vs double-sided.)
• You can and should print what you need to print – if you need to print it.
Watch for more updates and the SUNY Print locations - coming soon…