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Internet Explorer - End of Support for Campus Computers on June 3

Microsoft has announced they are discontinuing support for the Internet Explorer web browser. This means we will no longer be able to access Internet Explorer on our computing devices. CTS will continue to support Microsoft Edge on the Windows platform, Apple Safari on the Mac platform, and Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on both. While the vast majority of users have likely moved off of IE years ago, it’s possible that some individuals have continued using it for various personal or business-related reasons (backup browser, compatibility with legacy applications, etc.).

If you currently use Internet Explorer, you will no longer have access to it as of June 3rd. Below are some frequently asked questions that can help you transition to another browser.

How can I get started with Microsoft Edge?

Step 1: Open Microsoft Edge from your taskbar or start menu.

Step 2: Import your data from Internet Explorer by copying and pasting the following into your address bar.


You can watch a video tutorial here.

Can I import my IE data to Chrome or Firefox?

Yes, you can. Please see Import Internet Explorer bookmarks into Chrome and Import Internet Explorer bookmarks into Firefox.

What will happen if I try to open Internet Explorer after June 3rd?

Starting on June 3rd, if you try to open Internet Explorer 11 from a campus computer—including clicking the icon in your start menu or on your taskbar—you will be automatically redirected to Edge.

What if I encounter a site that doesn’t load with Edge?

If you run into a site in Edge that appears broken and Firefox and Chrome do not work properly, please inform CTS either via Zoom Chat or by submitting a work request.

What if I have an old application that still utilizes Internet Explorer?

Please first attempt to use IE Mode in Microsoft Edge. If you are unable to get it running properly, please inform CTS.

Where can I go to learn more?

There are great ways to learn about Edge online, like this interactive demo or website.

We recommend getting familiar with Microsoft Edge as soon as you can before June 3rd.

As always, please reach out either via Zoom Chat or by submitting a work request.

Thank you,