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Submitting Student Projects

Need help with submitting a project (senior project, senior capstone, or masters thesis) to the Student Project Portal? The Library is here to help!

Senior projects, senior capstones, and masters theses are submitted to the College via the Student Project Portal. While the deadline technically was May 9th, due to server and power outages, the Library will continue to accept submissions to the Portal through the end of May! It’s not too late, and a late submission to the Portal will not affect your grade or ability to graduate. 

Need help navigating the submission process? The Student Project Guide has all the answers!

This guide provides step-by-step instructions, with screenshots, for both students and faculty readers. The guide walks you through setting up your Portal space, adding your second reader, and submitting your project title, abstract, and PDF.

You can also always contact your subject librarian or the library’s Ask a Librarian services for help with the system!

Take a look at this video tutorial for additional step-by-step instructions:

The student projects portal is a joint venture of the Library and CTS. The TLTC is no longer involved in the student project submission process– please refer all questions to the Library or CTS, as outlined in the guide.

For faculty/staff readers: The guide provides instructions for accepting invitations to the Portal, approving readers, and approving projects. Contact your subject librarian or the library’s Ask a Librarian services for additional help with the system!