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Welcome back! Campus Technology Services Updates for Spring 2022

Welcome Back from all of us at CTS! Despite the frigid weather this week, it is great to see so many people bringing the campus to life.


Technology Updates Spring 2022 include:

Computer Labs and Classrooms

  • Labs were repopulated to their pre-Covid numbers.See the entire list of Campus Computer Labs for details.
  • If you are On-Campus, you can check the Live Computer Lab Availability Page to see if there is a free seat before you head over to your favorite lab
  • Pro Tools and Sibelius were updated in the Music Piano Lab and classrooms.
  • VA classroom 1016 was upgraded with a newer Mac Mini.
  • CMFT 3031 has two new units installed (replacements).
  • Four additional laptops were provided for the NS 0019 Biology lab.
  • Dual-Delivery: Following the successful faculty pilot program last spring, Social Sciences 1038 was outfitted with high quality built-inDual Delivery equipment. Motion tracking cameras and beam-forming microphones track the speaker in the room, and large displays show the remote participants, joining remote and in-person participants.

20 new teaching stations in the following classrooms

  • Fort Awesome 0126 and 0137
  • Library 0012, 0014, 1004c, 1004d,
  • Natural Sciences 1029, 1030, 1059, 2001, 2027, 3001, 3052, 3053,
  • Social Sciences 1002, 1003, 1004, 1006, 1038, and 1039

Humanities classrooms upgraded to solid-state drives to improve teaching station performance:

  • Humanities 1040, 1041, 1042, 2033, 2043, 2045, 2046, 2047, 2053, 2056, and 2059.

All Windows labs have Windows 10 and the latest Adobe Creative Cloud, and all Mac labs have Big Sur and the latest Adobe Creative Cloud.


Computer Lab and Classroom Maintenance:

CTS verifies that the machines have:

  • Mouse, keyboard, power, and network cables presnet and working properly
  • Machine is on the domain, and users can log into it
  • Machine has Internet connectivity
  • All Operating System and campus-wide software updates have been installed
  • All requested software has been installed and no errors appear when launched
  • Printers appear and can print

CTS strongly recommends that all faculty who are teaching in these rooms visit thier assigned rooms to verify everything is functional and works to their satisfaction.


If you have any questions or issues, please notify CTS via work order detailing the problem as much as possible so CTS can troubleshoot.


Computer Labs and Classrooms Upgraded to Office 2021


We upgraded the labs and classrooms to Office 2021, eliminating the need to login to Office 365 when starting Word, Excel, or Powerpoint.



Mobility Printers were setup in the first floor lobby of Humanities and the third floor lobby of CMFT. These allow you to print directly from your personal device such as a phone, tablet, or laptop.

As noted in multiple email messages to the community over the last year, SUNY launched an initiative to reduce printing by 50% - for both environmental sustainability reasons and for financial reasons - and Purchase College intends to do its part. For the past 18 months printing on campus was near-zero. Everyone found ways to move to electronic documents, and we are urging everyone to continue with that wherever possible. As part of the SUNY Print Management initiative - we are consolidating our print environment and moving toward a reduced number of shared printers.


Technical Support - CTS Zoom-Room

If you need help or have questions, please drop into the CTS Zoom-Room Monday-Thursday 8am-7:45pm and Friday 8am-4:45pm.(Zoom Meeting ID: 914 251 6465 and Telephone dial in: 1 646 876-9923.)

CTS continues to be open for in-person service and equipment pick-up and drop-off without an appointment.To ensure appropriate distancing and safe interactions, only one person will be assisted at a time inside the office.



If you are a faculty member and need a Purchase College Zoom account for teaching, please submit a CTS Work Order and we will create one for you.

If you are a new student, please sign up for a free Basic Zoom Account using your Purchase College email address.



CTS offers faculty/staff training for Zoom, Teams, SharePoint and more! Visit our Tips & Training page for more information and to sign up for an individual session with one of our technical staff.


Microsoft Software for Home use - Word, Excel, and Office 365

Our Microsoft contract provides students, faculty and staff with work-at-home copies of Office 365 (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.).You can download your copy directly from Microsoft Office 365 for Schools & Students using your Purchase College email address.


  • Important note on Microsoft: Your Purchase College credentials are now linked to Microsoft Online accounts. When you sign in to download Office365 or access Microsoft training, you should now use your Purchase College credentials - (even if you had an old Microsoft Online or Hotmail acount.) If you attempt to reset your account or password on those Microsoft accounts,that request is sent to for completion - and you will reset your Purchase College credentials.


Equipment Loans

Students who have overdue equipment loans out from last semester are asked to return the equipment as soon as possible.If you are unable to make it back to campus, we will work with you to make alternative arrangements. Late fees for all unreturned equipment will be assessed beginning on February 14th.


Spring 2022 equipment loans are available beginning 8/30.Equipment loans are available for pickup between 8am-7:45pm Mon-Thurs. and Fri 8am-4:45pm.


Students enrolled in remote-delivery classes who live more than 60 miles from campus can request shipping of loan pool equipment to a secure location at the discretion of CTS. Return shipping labels can also be requested. Equipment loan periods will be extended in cases where shipping is required.


Since we are still shipping equipment to remote students, and therefore have to extend loan periods to allow for shipping, we ask that you please do your part and reserving only the equipment you need for your coursework, make your equipment reservations early, and return the equipment as soon as possible so that it is available to other students.


We also ask that you refrain from requesting equipment loans for activities that are not directly related to your coursework.


Please Submit a CTS Work Order to request an equipment loan.


Campus Network and Wi-Fi


Wi-FI service is available in all campus buildings. See our Wi-Fi Heat Map for locations.


The CTS computer/device registration system simplifies getting your devices onto the campus network. You can register your computer as well as any other devices you wish to use (e.g. smartphones, routers, and gaming consoles) through the Purchase Network Registration page. A more thorough explanation and instructions for connecting laptops and mobile devices to our wireless network, please refer to the instructions at Get Connected to the Purchase Network. Note that if you already registered a device, you do not have to do so again, and you must be on campus to register.


Visitors without a Purchase account can use the Purchase Guest Wi-Fi network to connect while in CTS wireless areas. Visitors can ask their Campus host for the wireless passphrase that can be found on the CTS Knowledge Base. The PurchaseGuest network is limited to basic Internet Web services.

Answers to many other Frequently Asked Questions can be found in the CTS Knowledge Base.


FAQs for Students

We have answers to commonly asked questions on our Frequently Asked Questions Wiki page that provides information on topics such as connecting a computer or gaming console to the network, how to use Duo Two Factor Authentication, what labs are available on campus, and printing.