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Office of Disability Resources - Fall 2021 Updates for Students

The Office of Disability Resources (ODR) announced the following updates via e-mail to students working with our office. The updates pertain to academic accommodations for the Fall 2021 semester. The e-mail update was sent to students prior to and at the start of the semester.

Office staff are available to meet via phone or Zoom. Due to COVID-19 protocols, in-person meetings will be scheduled by appointment only, on a case-by-case basis. Please call or e-mail us with any questions you may have.

Renewing Academic Accommodations

The semester requests process remains unchanged for the Fall 2021 semester. To renew your academic accommodations, please log in to Accommodate and complete the steps listed in the “How to Renew Academic Accommodations” guide, posted on our website. Please make sure to review your renewal and only request accommodations applicable to the format of each course (e.g. Reduced Distraction Environment/Testing Center is not applicable for online classes).

Throughout the first week of the semester, the Office of Disability Resources will host virtual drop-in office hours on Zoom for students who have questions or want assistance in renewing their academic accommodations. Zoom drop-in hours:


How will exam accommodations work for Fall 2021 classes?

  • If exams and quizzes for the course are administered in person, students with exam accommodations will take them in the Testing Center.
  • If exams or quizzes for the course are administered online, students will take their exam/quiz with accommodations online.

Student Responsibilities for Exams/Quizzes Administered In-Person 

  • The Testing Center proctors in-person tests with accommodations. The Testing Center is located on the 2nd Floor of the Student Services Building.
  • Students are responsible for scheduling their test accommodation appointments using the Accommodate online system at least one week prior to an exam or quiz to ensure that the proper space and/or technology is available. For directions on scheduling appointments with the Testing Center, please see the Testing Center website and be aware of the Testing Center’s policies and procedures.
  • You must take your test at the same time as your class. If an alternative date and/or time is required, you are responsible for contacting your Professor for pre-approval to take the test at an alternative date and/or time.
  • If you have questions or want to meet with an Access Counselor to schedule your testing accommodation appointments online, please reply to this e-mail or call our office to schedule an appointment: 914-251-6035.
  • Please consider reviewing your class syllabi now and scheduling your appointments.

Student Responsibilities for Exams/Quizzes Administered Online

If you have a timed test or quiz in an online course, students must notify their Professor of their intent to use their accommodations via e-mail two business days in advance of your online test or quiz.

Faculty Responsibilities for Exams/Quizzes Administered Online 

For exams and quizzes administered via Moodle, faculty are responsible for logging in to Accommodate and reviewing their class roster(s) to determine who has extended time for exams/quizzes in order to adjust the administration time accordingly within Moodle. They will receive information on how to do this via the notification e-mailed to them with your approved accommodations.

How do I use text-to-speech for exams or quizzes on my personal device?

If you are approved to receive text-to-speech as an accommodation for exams, you can use ReadSpeaker, a text-to-speech program that is currently integrated into Moodle. The controls for ReadSpeaker are located at the top-left corner of every Moodle page. ReadSpeaker is designed to work with all exams and quizzes in Moodle, including those that utilize the Lockdown Browser extension. No other text-to-speech programs will work when Lockdown Browser is active. 

Supplemental Accommodation Requests

If students are experiencing a new barrier in their in-person or online course and want to discuss additional accommodations, please follow our process to submit a supplemental accommodation request via Accommodate.

If you have any problems with the receipt or the quality of accommodations being provided, please contact our office immediately: or 914-251-6035.