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Print Management Initiative: Savings and Sustainability

Print Management Initiative: Savings and Sustainability

Now that we have begun returning to campus, we encourage everyone to avoid returning to old printing habits. Most of us haven’t printed at all for the last 18 months - finding ways to use electronic documents instead. Students hand in papers electronically through Email or Moodle. Handouts for meetings can be shared more effectively online through Zoom and MS Teams, and through collaboration tools like the SharePoint Libraries that hold all Purchase College Committee, Department, and Task Force materials. Email is a last option for sharing documents (but still better than printing).

We encourage everyone to continue using electronic documents when possible, and to only print things that must be on paper. One of those things - for the time being - is Procurement documents (Requisitions, POs, Invoices, and P-Card Plot Sheets) which must be submitted on paper with original wet ink signatures. We are pursuing another SUNY Initiative to implement the Jaggaer electronic procurement system, but that will take some time.

Before printing, please remember to follow best practices when possible.

• Use available collaboration tools and digital documents (Contact CTS for assistance)
• If you must print

      o Print B&W (grayscale)
      o Print double-sided (duplex)

Shared Printers and Print Release Technology:
Later this year, a reduced number of multi-function scanner/fax/copier/printers will be retained and/or purchased for each building, and placed in shared locations for faculty/staff use.

Privacy concerns are a priority, therefore, each shared printer will provide security through QR codes for Print Release. Your document will only print once you arrive at the printer and scan the printer’s QR code on your smartphone.

Elimination of Desktop Printers:
Desktop printers are convenient, but they are the most expensive way to print, costing about $0.50 or more per single-sided page. In contrast, SUNY’s goal for Multi-function printers in the new contract is $0.01 per B/W double-sided page. Due to that dramatic difference, the SUNY Initiative calls for the elimination of all desktop printers (those with mobility issues may request an Accessibility exemption).

If you would like to retire your desktop printer now, please contact CTS for pick up.

Thank You
We appreciate your cooperation with this SUNY initiative that will save Purchase College money while improving our sustainability posture and preserving our shared natural resources.

The Print Management Team

See the Print Management Policy/FAQs for more information.