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Spring 2017 Moodle Courses Have Been Created!

Spring 2017 and Spring 2017 Non-Credit Moodle courses have been created!

Spring 2017 and Spring 2017 Non-credit course spaces have been created in Moodle. You should compare your class list in myHeliotrope to your list of class spaces in Moodle to confirm that they match.  If your Moodle spaces do not match your list of courses in myHeliotrope, you should submit a work order to Campus Technology Services to have them re-export your course data to Moodle (  If your list of courses in myHeliotrope is not what you expect, you need to work with your board of study and the registrar’s office to update your list of courses in Banner / myHeliotrope.

Courses are scheduled to open 4 (four) days in advance of the first day of classes.  For most Spring 2017 courses, that would be 21 January 2017.  Courses scheduled for part of the spring semester would have different start and opening dates. To manually open your courses earlier or close them once they have been opened, you can use the directions at:

Moodle help materials are available from the TLTC menu on any Moodle page.  Select either Moodle Basics for Faculty or Moodle Beyond Basics from the TLTC drop down menu. Or, go to for a complete list.

Some frequently used help guides: