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Sustainable Printing


We would like to thank all of you for your cooperation as we continue working to implement the new SUNY print management system. As a reminder, the SUNY plan aims to dramatically change the print landscape across the entire SUNY System to reduce costs, streamline administrative processes, and provide a standardized, secure, and optimally utilized fleet of printers while reducing consumption and preserving natural resources.

Print Use Analysis
Our team identified $335,000 in Purchase College print expenses for fiscal year 2018-19 - our last full year on campus. By using only the most efficient printers and curtailing the use of color printing, SUNY hopes to reduce that expense by half within the next 2 years. A breakdown of printing expenses (paper, toner, supplies) as well as a breakdown of printing usage will be available shortly.

Print Location Maps
Our team is completing work on campus print location maps. We anticipate these will be finalized and available in spring 2021. These maps show centralized multi-function printer locations shared by faculty and staff members in each building.

Update from SUNY
SUNY is moving to the Pharos centralized print system. We will provide additional information once the Pharos contract has been finalized and the SUNY RFP for printing equipment has been finalized.

Thank you,
The Print Management Team


Sustainable Printing

Dear Campus Community:

Purchase College will be fully participating in the new SUNY Managed Print Initiative. During this challenging period of time collectively we need to embrace all cost savings initiatives.

This SUNY-wide initiative calls for all campuses to print “smart” and to print less. The overarching goal is to reduce cost and decrease our carbon footprint in accordance with SUNY stewardship and sustainability goals.

The SUNY initiative entails use of the Pharos print management system and new HP printers once the SUNY Print Management Contract is in place this fall.

New printers are to have a cost of $0.01 per page. In comparison, existing copier printer costs at Purchase College are between $0.02 to .05 per page, or $0.30 per page for desktop inkjet printers. Clearly the savings will be substantial, and those savings can be directed to other critical needs.

What Can I Do?

Every employee will be expected to actively reduce their printing activity. Printing less saves trees, reduces energy consumption, and saves water (12 oz. per sheet of paper).

Think twice before you print. Use online collaboration tools and move documents to shared platforms. Don’t print handouts for meetings. Print less.

Treat this as an opportunity for improving the college. In the past six months, nobody has printed handouts for meetings – and we have all found other ways to work. The pandemic has forced us to adapt in ways that we may not have considered before. The benefits in this instance are sizable savings and less paper waste is better for the environment. Keep it up, and don’t start printing again.

What’s Next?

•The college will be reducing the number of printing devices on campus.
•We will be centralizing printer use in each building.
•A map of printers will guide users to the print locations for each building.
•We will eliminate all desktop printers in every office.
•The current leases on all Canon Copier/Printers will not be renewed. No new printers or print supplies will be purchased. Existing maintenance and print management contracts will not be renewed.

While this may feel inconvenient at first, if we all work to achieve the first goal—print less—then you’ll already be making fewer trips to the printer.

A print leadership team is working to implement the SUNY Print Smart, Print Less initiative and will provide more information moving forward.