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Two-Factor Authentication for HRETS system

As the SolarWinds hack that compromised a wide variety of federal, commercial and education institutions demonstrates, there are constant and sophisticated threats to the security of our information systems.

Purchase College continues to address security threats on multiple levels, by requiring regular security awareness training for the community (gentle reminder to please complete your fall 2020 training), and by implementing additional security measures such as Two Factor Authentication.

When you sign into a system under Two Factor Authentication, you provide your Purchase ID and password as the first factor, and you use your registered smart phone to acknowledge and grant that access as a second factor. That means someone who is able to obtain your UserID and Password would also have to obtain your smartphone in order to access your account – significantly improving security.

Two Factor Authentication is considered an essential Best Practice to protect your digital assets from your banking and shopping accounts to our institutional data. CTS initially deployed Two Factor Authentication for all VPN access years ago, and have been adding it to other systems in stages since then.

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday December 22nd, the Human Resources HRETS system access will require Two Factor Authentication. You will be prompted to login with your ID and Password, and to acknowledge and approve the login request on your phone.

If your account does not already participate in Two Factor Authentication for other college systems, acknowledging the request on your smartphone requires you to install the Cisco DUO app - which is available free at the Play Store or the App Store.

If you encounter problems or you would like assistance setting up Two Factor Authentication on your phone, please drop by our live Tech Support Zoom Room for assistance, or you can file a Work Order online.

Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation as we work together to improve information security for the entire Purchase College community.