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Nayeli Frederick

EOP’s Nayeli Frederick Shares Her Experience at the SUNY SAIL Leadership Institute

What have you learned from participating in the SUNY SAIL Program?

​In my few months participating in the SAIL Program, I have learned to never narrow yourself from doing something that you want to do and to always challenge yourself. I learned that it’s not what you want to hear sometimes, but you need to hear it. That was great advice because sometimes people want to hear what they want to hear, but it isn’t beneficial to them. Even though the word “No” might not be what we want to hear, it helps us make decisions that we may not want to make. I struggle with personal speaking and giving presentations is something I don’t enjoy, but I learned a few tips to help with presentations. Before you speak, develop your presentation structure and to develop your message so that it resonates with your audience. Leaders also practice to develop skills. Finally, be purposeful in everything that you do.

How has the SUNY SAIL Program has benefited you?​

The SAIL program has benefitted me in that it allowed me to hear more about leadership and personal experiences. I’ve heard the Mayor of Albany talk about what it’s like being the mayor during these unprecedented times and how leadership plays a huge role in decision making. During the program, we have had many speakers that have different jobs and different paths come talk about how leadership really helped them grow and gave them many opportunities. The program has benefitted me in that I was able to find a mentor in the field that I would like to go into after graduating from Purchase College. Even though I had a LinkedIn profile before the program, I never really used LinkedIn, but now I do. I check it at least twice a week just to see what’s happening and the job opportunities.

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