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Art+Design Spring 2021 FAQ for Students

In accordance with Purchase College’s fall reopening plan, the School of Art+Design has developed this FAQ to answer questions specific to our courses and facilities. The ultimate goal of this plan is to safeguard the health of students, faculty and staff while allowing for in-person instruction where absolutely necessary.

The Spring semester instruction will use remote instruction (synchronous and asynchronous) for all 3800 students. 74% of those students (approximately 2,660) will not have in-person instruction. 26% of our students (approximately 1000) will have some in-person instruction supplemented by remote. Of the students receiving in-person instruction, fewer than 960 of them will reside on campus due to their inability to commute to campus (i.e. international students, students outside a reasonable commuting radius, no transportation, etc.). The 26% residential density will allow social distancing in classrooms. The limited classroom spaces dedicated to in-person will limit capacity to allow for distancing and disinfecting. All classes will run entirely remotely the first 2 weeks of school, after which the F2F classes will begin to meet in person, while remote classes will continue to be taught remotely.


Student Town Hall Recording viewable here


COVID and Quarantine - Attendance/Building Access Statement

Please see Purchase College website for more information about College-wide policies concerning mask-wearing, social distancing, COVID and quarantine.

Each community member has a tremendous responsibility toward each other. Please DO NOT come to the Visual Arts Building if you have COVID symptoms. If COVID-related absences necessitate that you miss more than 3 classes, please reach out to your professor.

To repeat: do not come to the Visual Arts Building if you have COVID symptoms, and make sure you are 100% honest in your responses to the daily screening. We have to take care of each other more than ever this semester.


Which classes are being offered Face to Face (F2F)?

The School of Art+Design (A+D) is offering the following in person courses for Spring 2021 to A+D Majors:

3D Processes (4 sections) - Sonya Blesofsky, Damien Davis (2), Alina Tenser

Advanced Silver Processes - Robert Kozma

Ceramic Sculpture - Nancy Bowen

Digital Tools for Sculptors - Raphael Zollinger

Digital Photography: Color in the Digital Realm - Joshua Lutz

Direct Metal I - Raphael Zollinger

Extended Media (4 sections) - Cassandra Hooper, Sara Saltzman (2), Robert

Intaglio - Cassandra Hooper

Introduction to Wood - Samuel Spillman

Lithography - Amanda Thackray

Multiples: Methods for Making - Sonya Blesofsky

Photography I (4 sections) - Eric Gottesman, Nandita Raman (2), Barron Rachman

Screen Print - Robert Swainston

Special Topics in Printmaking: Advanced Intaglio - Cassandra Hooper

Special Topics in Printmaking: Advanced Woodcut - Stella Ebner

Special Topics in Printmaking: Advanced Lithography - Amanda Thackray

Thinking in Three Dimensions - Rachel Owens

View Camera - Robert Kozma

Woodcut - Stella Ebner


How were the in-person classes determined?

Decisions related to face-to-face vs. remote instruction for Spring 2021 were made solely on the basis of major program requirements. Only those classroom learning experiences deemed absolutely essential for achievement of program learning outcomes, and for which no comparable remote instruction is conceivable, will be offered in the Spring 2021 semester.


Who will have studios in the Visual Arts Building?

Seniors and Grad Students will be granted their own studios. There will be social distancing requirements whilst using the studios, and room adjustments are being made for students whose studios are traditionally in closer quarters, to ensure social distancing.

If a student has items in a locker or studio and will be returning in the Spring, they may leave their art supplies and materials over Thanksgiving and Winter break. Please keep in mind they will not have access to the building, their studios or lockers until face to face classes start again in February 2021.


Will students be able to access shops?

Yes, students in F2F courses will be able to sign up for shop access during monitored hours. The A+D building is only available for completion of work in F2F classes. All remote classes are designed so that they can be completed without access to our shops or facilities.

Staff and student monitors will be present in the following shops for student usage:

      • Wood Shop
      • Printmaking Shops
      • Dark Room
      • Computer labs


When will the building be open?

Monday - Friday: 8 am - 10 pm
Saturday - Sunday: 12 pm - 7 pm


Will classes be smaller?

Some classes have slightly reduced caps. In general, classes will be held in larger rooms, spread out amongst several rooms, or taught in rotations so as not to violate social-distancing protocols.


Will I still be charged a course fee for my remote courses?

Yes. This fee will be used to assemble packets of materials/supplies for your classes.

In cases where we cannot provide kits, course fees will not be charged, and a material-list provided, so that students can purchase their own materials.


Where will commuters go between classes?

Study zones will be set up for commuter use in other buildings on campus.


Who is allowed to live on campus?

Faculty in each area reviewed their curricula and identified the courses/experiences that required in-person meetings to ensure students can graduate on time according to their 8-semester plans. Please see the A+D list of F2F courses above. Only those students who cannot commute to access these in-person classes are being allowed to live on campus, with very clear restrictions in place. For instance, guests will not be allowed, dining will be take-out from DHall. All in-person instruction will end at Thanksgiving as public health experts are predicting a surge of virus cases. Students will return home as soon as in-person instruction ends.

Housing will be contacting students to let them know their situation for the upcoming semester. Students must also be enrolled in 12 or more credits to qualify for housing, with a minimum of one course enrolled being an in-person course.


When do my F2F classes run?

All classes will run entirely remotely the first 2 weeks of school, after which the F2F classes will begin to meet in person, while remote classes will continue to be taught remotely.


What if I am registered for a F2F course and don’t want to come to campus?

You can modify your schedule until January 26, the end of the add/drop period, and can choose an alternative course that will be offered remotely. You would need to make up required F2F courses after Spring 2021.


Galleries Operation Spring 2021

1019A Gallery and PAC Lobby Gallery will be closed for the semester. The Richard and Dolly Maass Gallery will be closed to the public and open by appointment only to faculty, staff, and students, with a maximum occupancy of 5 people. Faculty who are part of a review panel for MFA crits can set-up an appointment with Curatorial Manager Sonja Ng to view the works in the gallery. All crit meetings will be done remotely via Zoom.


Zoom Etiquette for Art+Design Students