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Nicolette Pilla ’21

Psychology major has been leaving rocks painted with positive messages for others to find.

“During this time I have been painting hundreds of stones to which I call them ‘Happy Stones.’ ”

“I have been leaving them all over my neighborhood and the ones close by, some with paintings others with positive quotes and sayings.

“Trying to spread a little hope and kindness during this time.

“I have gotten a lot of positive feedback and many people have told me that it has brightened their days, which in turn makes my day.

“I hope to continue to do this even after all of this ends, it is important to spread kindness in anyway possible.”

—Nicolette  Pilla ’21 (psychology)

Happy Stones painted by Nicolette Pilla '21 (psychology) Happy Stones painted by Nicolette Pilla '21 (psychology)