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Transitioning to Remote Learning

Purchase College has officially transitioned to remote learning for the rest of the semester. If your student is feeling overwhelmed by the changes in course structure, they aren’t alone.

Share these tips and encourage your student to take advantage of free resources to help with the transition.

Set up a work station

It’s important for your student to find or create a space to participate in their remote classes – just like their favorite on-campus study spot. Encourage them to find a quiet space to work that’s free of distractions.

If your student finds themselves easily distracted, here are a few things to suggest to help them stay focused. They could:

  • Take games off their laptop so they won’t be tempted to play them.
  • Use browser extensions to set time limits or block social media and other “black hole” websites.
  • Create a phone-free area by turning off their cell phone or putting it in a different room during class. They could also turn off notifications on their laptop.

Manage time

Your student’s remote classes may or may not have designated times for lectures or “in-class” time. In order to create a schedule and manage their time, your student should check Moodle to see if their lectures are set for certain times or if they are prerecorded. This can help them determine how to structure their days. They should confirm directly with their professor if they aren’t sure.

Encourage your student to set designated times to watch lectures and complete assignments. This can help your student feel organized and keep pace with the course. Additionally, they should schedule breaks in between classes to give their brain a rest or move around.

As your student makes their schedule, they should make sure it’s manageable. Encourage them to pace themselves with their courses while staying on top of other daily academic activities. Suggest that they create daily to-do lists – writing out tasks can help your student stay accountable, and it’s a great way to see progress for the day.

Stay engaged and connected

It can be challenging to stay engaged and motivated in remote classes. Encourage your student to:

  • Attend their professor’s virtual office hours (if applicable).
  • Ask questions during lectures or on the discussion boards in Moodle.
  • Create group chats with classmates.
  • Make a study group that they can video-chat with a few times a week.
  • Reach out for help if they need it.
  • Check their email daily.

Find help

As your student transitions to remote learning, Campus Technology Services is available to support students with technology challenges. The Learning Center is now offering online help for classes. Encourage your student to find help early if they find themselves struggling.

As always, the Office of Community Engagement is here to support you and your student and can help connect you to the right resources on campus.