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Dara Lamb ’75–’76

The bespoke clothing designer converted her shop from creating garments to producing custom made masks, designed in consultation with medical professionals.

“I am so proud of our team and the work they’ve been putting into this.

“As the country’s leading Bespoke Clothing Designer for Women, I’ve approached this the same way I would to make the hand-made, intricately detailed Bespoke clothing we make for clients.

“Rather than settle for the various on-line tutorial patterns, I worked extensively with Medical Professionals to come up with a different design that afforded much more coverage, yet was comfortable, and didn’t allow for air gaps. We made 7 different prototypes before perfecting the one we are cutting and sewing now.

“Having been in business for over thirty years, we have deep and trusting relationships with our fabric merchants, one of whom donated tons of yardage of fine cottons to add to the ones I had donated from my stock, and that’s what we’re using to sew them from. The material is made to hold up over many, many re-washings, and has a refillable filter pocket, so it won’t end up washed up on seashores, as medical waste from this epidemic already has been – a little covered unintended consequence. ☹

“I was a Fine Arts Major and attended ’75–76 before transferring to the UHK (University of Hard Knocks) where I became a systems engineer and project manager in real estate technology before reverting back to my ‘more tactile’ creative roots.”

—Dara Lamb ’75–’76 (visual arts)