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Jackson Fischer-Diotte ’20

Connecting through volunteerism in the local community by delivering groceries and running errands for those in need.

“In rural Putnam County, we have seen some, but particularly little, of the fear and panic manifest from this virus. People are wearing masks, emptying shelves at the grocery store, but the fact is that we are very privileged to be in a place where social distancing is easily practicable and rarely impinges on daily duties.

“But this is not the case for everyone, or for most. In my own family, my sisters and I rarely stay at our dad’s house because our grandparents live there and we are afraid of getting them sick. My cousin, similarly, is staying with us to protect her parents.

“Since COVID has created such a peculiar situation for all of us, we see that this time could be used to renew not only the familial bond, but the communal one as well.

“If you or anyone you know needs food, supplies, or help with business duties, please consider our local business, The Errand Girls, to help.

“We have been helping our local community with COVID-FREE doorstep drop offs for weeks now, and can help anyone struggling to manage the necessities of physical and mental health, or that of their loved ones.

“If you might be interested, email us at or call us at (203) 403-7009.”

—Jackson Fischer-Diotte ’20 (literature)