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Betsy Kates ’77

Retired after a thirty-year career teaching elementary school, the Montrose, NY resident is helping those new to Zoom.

“I have suddenly found myself in a position to help dozens of tech phobic folks learn how to make friends with platforms like Zoom.

“It has been so gratifying to see them embrace the technology with open minds and hearts. And it’s keeping me busier than I ever imagined!

“This has been the most contradictory event we have ever all lived: quiet, peaceful, terrifying, tragic, uncertain, sad, restful, distracting, contemplative, endlessly nerve- wracking. And it’s shared worldwide, and it’s bringing us together in ways we could never have imagined. It’s given me the chance and the reason to talk to friends in Ireland, France, California, New Mexico, and Oregon, ‘face to face’ using technology many of us had not heard of just two or three years ago.”

—Betsy Kates ’77 (literature)